Malawi Andy

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Collecting for the Tsunami

The students fundraiser went very well.  On a Saturday morning they went out in groups to the villages surrounding Balaka.  The villages are like suburbs of Balaka and since few people have cars they are within walking distance.  It felt strange for me to be walking through the villages collecting money from those who already had so little, but the students did a really good job.  They were very polite, explained the situation, and what they were doing to help.  Some of people were reluctant to give which we understood, but I was surprised by how many were willing and did not even hesistate to donate money.  Even while we were walking down the road, some people asked what we were doing; and after explaining it to them, they offered to make a donation.  The student government then gathered the money and organized a prayer service in support of the victims and there families.