Malawi Andy

Monday, February 28, 2005

Computer Lab Firsts

I think I can claim to be the first instructor in a computer lab to ever have sat down on a bird during class.  At the beginning of class while everyone was coming in and logging on to the computers.  I saw a small bird not quite big enough to fly on the ground.  It wasn't the first time small animals made it into the classroom so I didnt think anything of it.  It was gone a little later so I assumed one of the students put it back outside.  Then later a student asked for help and I sat down in the seat next to her.  She immediately gave me a very concerned look and sqeaked out, "my bird!?".  I jumped up and sure enough there was the little bird flopping around on the chair.  I'm pretty sure it will survive the incident but it, myself, and computer lab may never be the same again.